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Have you met UnionWare? They are a Winnipeg software company going on quite the ride of growth in a unique, modern and creative office setting. And they are looking for some great people to join them for that ride.
To join them, you’ll need the standard IT qualifications when it comes to software development. More importantly, you’ll need to enjoy the ride and to do so you’ll need to fit in with their informal culture of hard/smart work, laughter, cards at lunch, hack weeks, games nights, coffee, birthday cake, and stepping up when you see a need.
If you are Software Developer who can put yourself in your client’s shoes and act accordingly and if you want to work with a company that focuses on managing the business, not the people, then UnionWare could be a great fit for you.

What your responsibilities will be:
Really, you have one major responsibility and that is to produce software. However, here’s a snapshot of your day:
  •  Configuring the software through database entries.
  •  Debugging issues clients are having.
  •  Following well-defined upgrade process.
  •  Writing & testing custom SQL or VB code.
  •  Communicate with clients via phone and email.
  •  Daily stand-ups to prioritize the day.
  •  Meeting with other Developers to review code examples and standards.
  •  Migrating client data from a variety of sources into the UnionWare database.
  •  Travelling once in a while to meet with clients across North America and Australia

In order to be considered, you’ll need:
  •  Proficiency in SQL, ideally 3 years’ experience – you’ll spend most of your day working with it.
  • Hands on skills in Microsoft .NET (VB and ASP) and Crystal Reports.
  •  Strong attention to detail and the type of mind that can troubleshoot and think through all the possible implications of your work.
  •  Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML 5 and jQuery aren’t mandatory, but they are definite pluses.

Meet UnionWare:

UnionWare develops software specifically for unions.  Their technologies and tools are intuitive and allows their customers to gain insight and deeper knowledge of their membership.

UnionWare has three things: an integrated set of union specific software modules, an experienced team of people with a deep understanding of unions and their needs, and a proven approach for how to continually elevate these organizations at every stage of growth.

They’ve been around since the early nineties and work with unions of all types and sizes across Canada, the United States and Australia.

Click here to view their client list.

How to Apply:

Please apply online at or by emailing your resume in confidence to Jocelyn McKee at

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