Embedded Developer

Posted: 07/12/2019

EMBEDDED DEVELOPER (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Offering an ‘engineering playground’, this is an ideal opportunity for someone with a passion for coding, circuitry, and hardware systems. 

Candidates will have some experience writing embedded programs at the enterprise level; however, any robotics, hardware, or similar systems experience will be considered.  As this person will be writing code for both embedded software and hardware devices, diverse experience and interests are preferred.

The Embedded Developer will be primarily responsible for making sure different systems can speak to each other, most devices requiring C or C++. Experience with J1939, ISOBUS, or other standards related to vehicle component manufacturing is preferred.

At the award-winning company, you will join a close-knit group that cares about their development environment, so commitment to a ‘job well done’ is as important as your technical skills. Above all, candidates need to bring a mature approach to developing top-notch products.

**This company prefers that candidates be currently living in Winnipeg; however, they are open to Canada-based candidates who are willing to PERMANENTLY relocate. As this team is running in an agile environment, remote work is not possible.

* Write code for embedded hardware devices (firmware)
* Design and implement new technologies, where appropriate
* Adhere to J1939, ISOBUS, and other standards
* Support anything you think will help drive technology forward within the company!

* Demonstrated interest in computer engineering, with post-secondary training and/or work experience developing embedded systems
* 2+ years of experience writing embedded code in C or C++
* Proven experience developing software to interface with peripherals
* Experience writing to ISOBUS, J1939, or other standards related to vehicle component engineering and manufacturing
* Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies and work at a high level

* Great team culture and work environment
* Have input on platforms, architecture, and new technology
* Award-winning company with incredible focus

Please send a resume (quoting job number 15308) to IAN MCLEOD, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant, at imcleod@pinnacle.jobs or phone 204.926.2243 for more information.

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