Quality Assurance Tester: Apps Team

What is Bold Commerce?
Named one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies by Deloitte, Bold Commerce is a software company specializing in innovative eCommerce apps and solutions for businesses of all sizes. We empower merchants both big and small by providing them with tools to make their eCommerce stores truly awesome.

Barack Obama, Rooster Teeth, and DJ Khaled are among the list of 90,000+ brands in over 170 countries around the world that trust Bold’s suite of eCommerce tools to power their online stores every day.

We're made up of nearly 300 professionals (and growing) who live and breathe eCommerce, and truly give a shit about what we do. We call ourselves Builders. Here at Bold, we live by the Builders Code, our shared set of practices, beliefs and values that help to shape this amazing company. We believe in challenging each other to create the best products and to constantly improve, all to ensure we deliver the best results to our merchants at all times.

Why work at Bold?
Our founders have worked to create and maintain a place that our employees look forward to coming to every day. A place where you can learn and grow, where your ideas are valued and where you can do cool things, all while contributing to the larger success of the company. At Bold we embrace and cultivate a culture of creativity, innovation, and collaboration in order to allow everyone to do their best work every day.

We are looking for a full time QA Tester to help us make sure that everything that gets shipped lives up the the Bold standard.

As a Tester on the Apps Team you’ll be the last set of eyes to ensure that everything is working as it should when it gets released. Our Apps are the core of our company. We’ve built a strong reputation for creating products that work great to help online stores make more sales. Many of our customers now install our apps just because they have the Bold label on them. We need to make sure they’re great the day they get released.

Here's what we need from you:
- Good knowledge of a wide variety of web platforms. Our projects span a wide spectrum of technologies including software, hardware, new technologies, and are optimized for different devices. Show us how you can easily learn and adapt to new technologies
- The more you know the better. Finding bugs and improvements is key, but being able to come up with a great solution is invaluable
- An ability to take a task and run with it. What can you contribute that we didn’t think of? Testing our apps before they ship is the starting point. We’d like to see you make meaningful contributions to app features throughout the stages of development.
- Post secondary education in web design, computer science, or equivalent work experience. We need to know that you’re up for the task
- Great communication skills. You’ll be working with multiple development teams, and very closely with a Product Manager and Designer. We want to hear your ideas, concerns and most of all your solutions :)
- Absolute attention to every little detail. You need to be picky, down to the last pixel. We want our apps to be the best they can be, and you’re the last stop before they launch. Are you up for that?
- Great perspective for user experience. While testing, you need to put yourself into the shoes of our users and test our apps the way that they would see it
- Experience with test automation frameworks such as Selenium, NightmareJS or other similar frameworks
- Experience writing and executing test cases, logging and organizing defects, and outlining the steps needed to reproduce
- Ability to work in a fast paced environment
- Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL

Other skills that will get you far:
- Experience with any other automated testing tools, performance testing tools, load testing tools, security testing tools and JIRA.
- Be cool. We want someone cool to work with. It sounds easy, but this is a pretty great place to work and you’re going to have to live up to that.
- The more front end development skills the better. Please list any technical assets you have.
- Tell us what you’re interested in: there’s a lot going on in this office from fantasy football to potluck lunches, moonlighting DJs, photographers, radio hosts, curling enthusiasts…where do you fit in?

At Bold, we work hard and we play hard! If you are a potential Builder and think you've got what it takes to be Bold, we encourage you to apply. We promise it will be a career like no other!

We get a lot of applicants, so we encourage you to do something that stands out. Go above and beyond when you apply so you don’t get lost in the mix. Talk about a cool project you’ve done, drop us a link to your github or portfolio if applicable, or just impress us with your personality.

Show us that you have what it takes to be Bold! Apply now!